A Book of the Month Club selection, Super Massage, now enhanced for ebook readers, offers fast, sensual relaxation in minutes. $8.95 on all e-book readers.

Super Massage

What did Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Marlene Deitrich, Henry Kissinger and Ulysses S. Grant have in common? They seldom left home without a masseur. Now you too can reap the delicious benefits of massage—just minutes after you begin this gorgeous new e-book.

Massage is a sensual art; you don’t think about it, you simply surrender to the pleasure. You will feel the pleasure just browsing through “Super Massage.” Written and photographed by Gordon Inkeles, author of the million-seller “The Art of Sensual Massage,” this new edition has been enhanced page by page for e-book readers.

Every page of “Super Massage” features easy-to-learn massage sequences that provide drugless relief from aches and pains. Easy-to-learn massage techniques for common ailments like headaches, muscle fatigue, insomnia, a stiff neck, back pain, headaches and stress-induced fatigue let you put the book to work right away. Here too are techniques to provide instant energy at home and at work with special attention to after exercise conditioning. Lovers will cherish the beautiful erotic massage section. The book also includes a provocative essay on massage and life extension.

Massage kneading muscles drawing

Inkeles takes aim at one of the unacknowledged scourges of the modern office: stress addiction. Learn to recognize “the seductive powers of stress” and what to do during a massage to break this nasty cycle. “Massaging the Stress Addict” shows you exactly what to do to bring drugless relief in minutes, a massage sequence that can be life-changing.

Do you feel like you could be getting more out of your “professional” massage? Take “The Massage Bill of Rights” to your next session and transform your massage experience.

Prize winning photographs by Gordon Inkeles appear on every page. Some are matched to exquisite anatomical illustrations by Icelandic fine artist Sigga Bjornsson. Jon Goodchild, designer of “The Art of Sensual Massage,” provided a beautiful new book design. As much a pleasure to read as it is to use, “Super Massage” makes an ideal romantic gift.