New 40th anniversary edition of THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE adds gorgeous color and many upgrades to the world’s best selling massage book.

Sep 28, 2011With a warm, quiet place and a bottle of oil–and this incredible book–you can spread pleasure over every inch of your partner’s body.

For more than a million readers The Art of Sensual Massage is more than a book, it’s an unforgettable sensual experience. Techniques are beautifully illustrated with hundreds of gorgeous black and white photos. New in this edition: rare color photos, taken during the book’s original sessions, appear in sumptuous two page spreads. Instructions are easy-to-learn. Ten minutes after you open this book you will be doing a sensual massage.

This updated paper edition features: a lay flat binding which allows to book to lay open during massage. Every page is reproduced on art book quality paper which allows for superb photo reproduction, the best in the book’s long history. Many helpful text updates are also included to make learning massage easier than ever.

The E-book edition is scrupulously formatted by hand to preserve the book’s classic beauty.

Read what people say about THE ART OF SENSUAL MASAGE

“Beautifully produced: a book to give, especially if you’d like its techniques used on you.” –Cosmopolitan

“Attractive as well as instructive…tells you what to massage, when and where. Much recommended.”–Ms London

If you want to encourage the man in your life to be more sensual, romantic and inventive…put THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE in his stocking.” –MS London

“Close your eyes, breathe deeply and give yourself up to THE PLEASURE.” –New York

“The massage king is Gordon Inkeles–who wrote “The Art of Sensual Massage.” –San Francisco Chronicle

In a world full of expensive gadgets futilely designed to increase enjoyment of life it is enormously satisfying to realize that you can give so much pleasure just using your hands.

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