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The Art of Sensual Massage was originally published by Straight Arrow Books, the book division of Rolling Stone Magazine. The book first appeared on March 1 1972. For the rest of that year Rolling Stone magazine featured half page spreads from the book.

Published in Rolling Stone ISSUE 109 – May 25th, 1972

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During massage the world seems to slow down to its natural pace; peace becomes a tangible sensation.

Massage works the first time you try it. Even though your technique may not be perfect, remember that people love being touched. Simply making unhurried contact with your partner’s body initiates a warm, deeply relaxing feeling.



Deluxe Edition Coming in July 2013! | PRLog

New press release here: Deluxe Edition Coming in July 2013! | PRLog.

The deluxe new edition of THE NEW SENSUAL MASSAGE by Gordon Inkeles will include TWO prize-winning DVDs: The Art of Sensual Massage and Sensual Massage Made Simple.

Gordon Inkeles’ bestselling books have become standard reference works on massage throughout the world. With combined sales exceeding two million copies, his books have been translated into ten languages and reprinted more than one hundred times. A perennial seller, His book “The Art of Sensual Massage” launched the massage craze and found a worldwide market. His film/video “The Art of Sensual Massage” played to SRO crowds at the Cannes Film Festival. His new HD video, “Sensual Massage Made Simple” won 4 awards at international film festivals. In June 2013 Arcata Arts, will publish Inkeles’ tour de force “The New Sensual Massage 3rd Edition,” the most comprehensive massage book on the market. Internationally known as a college lecturer and leader of massage workshops, Gordon Inkeles lives with his family in Northern California.


The New Sensual Massage 2013 edition preview



(from the book’s introduction)

Your first massage

A few minutes from now, without opening an anatomy book or enrolling in a class, you can begin to give your partner one of life’s most delicious experiences: a full body massage. You won’t need to practice strange exercises or develop unused muscles. Think of massage as educated touching. You were born to do massage, to give pleasure with your hands.

Massage works the first time you try it. Even though your technique may not be perfect remember that people love being touched. Simply making unhurried contact with your partner’s body initiates a warm, deeply relaxing feeling. This book is about turning that feeling into happiness.


Author was touched by the Coastside – Half Moon Bay Review : Books

Gordon Inkeles had an itch in the 1970s. He thought that society was too puritanical, that people were starved of touch.

Author was touched by the Coastside – Half Moon Bay Review : Books.


By Sara Hayden

Gordon Inkeles had an itch in the 1970s. He thought that society was too puritanical, that people were starved of touch.
Seeking a way to disband taboo and encourage human connection, Inkeles took matters into his own hands at the age of 29 and wrote “The Art of Sensual Massage.” The first edition of the book was published by Straight Arrow Books in San Francisco in 1972, but has Coastside origins.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the book has sold more than one million copies. Inkeles said a Half Moon Bay cabin located up on Higgins Canyon Road gave him the isolation he needed to write.

Inkeles completed his massage school training in 1971 and set up a practice in the East Bay, but found sanctuary on 480 acres of Half Moon Bay land he rented that was surrounded by grass, redwoods and creeks.

“It was a little paradise really, although pretty run-down,” Inkeles said, remarkikng that the property he lived on once served as a hunting club.
He didn’t have a telephone, but he did have a typewriter that allowed him to tap out his massage manual.

The resulting guide features instructions on how to give a massage start to finish as well as accompanying photographs taken by Robert Foothorap. People pictured in the nude, sometimes in black and white and sometimes in color, explore nuanced shades of intimacy alongside Inkeles’s text.

“Massage has suffered from two stereotypes. One is the clinical, and the other is the sexual,” said Inkeles, now 70. “I wanted to celebrate youth and sensuality.” Author Page

Super Massage E-Book Published

A Book of the Month Club selection, Super Massage, now enhanced for ebook readers, offers fast, sensual relaxation in minutes. $8.95 on all e-book readers.

Super Massage

What did Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Marlene Deitrich, Henry Kissinger and Ulysses S. Grant have in common? They seldom left home without a masseur. Now you too can reap the delicious benefits of massage—just minutes after you begin this gorgeous new e-book.

Massage is a sensual art; you don’t think about it, you simply surrender to the pleasure. You will feel the pleasure just browsing through “Super Massage.” Written and photographed by Gordon Inkeles, author of the million-seller “The Art of Sensual Massage,” this new edition has been enhanced page by page for e-book readers.

Every page of “Super Massage” features easy-to-learn massage sequences that provide drugless relief from aches and pains. Easy-to-learn massage techniques for common ailments like headaches, muscle fatigue, insomnia, a stiff neck, back pain, headaches and stress-induced fatigue let you put the book to work right away. Here too are techniques to provide instant energy at home and at work with special attention to after exercise conditioning. Lovers will cherish the beautiful erotic massage section. The book also includes a provocative essay on massage and life extension.

Massage kneading muscles drawing

Inkeles takes aim at one of the unacknowledged scourges of the modern office: stress addiction. Learn to recognize “the seductive powers of stress” and what to do during a massage to break this nasty cycle. “Massaging the Stress Addict” shows you exactly what to do to bring drugless relief in minutes, a massage sequence that can be life-changing.

Do you feel like you could be getting more out of your “professional” massage? Take “The Massage Bill of Rights” to your next session and transform your massage experience.

Prize winning photographs by Gordon Inkeles appear on every page. Some are matched to exquisite anatomical illustrations by Icelandic fine artist Sigga Bjornsson. Jon Goodchild, designer of “The Art of Sensual Massage,” provided a beautiful new book design. As much a pleasure to read as it is to use, “Super Massage” makes an ideal romantic gift.

Gorgeous New paper and E-Book Edition of THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE

New 40th anniversary edition of THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE adds gorgeous color and many upgrades to the world’s best selling massage book.

Sep 28, 2011With a warm, quiet place and a bottle of oil–and this incredible book–you can spread pleasure over every inch of your partner’s body.

For more than a million readers The Art of Sensual Massage is more than a book, it’s an unforgettable sensual experience. Techniques are beautifully illustrated with hundreds of gorgeous black and white photos. New in this edition: rare color photos, taken during the book’s original sessions, appear in sumptuous two page spreads. Instructions are easy-to-learn. Ten minutes after you open this book you will be doing a sensual massage.

This updated paper edition features: a lay flat binding which allows to book to lay open during massage. Every page is reproduced on art book quality paper which allows for superb photo reproduction, the best in the book’s long history. Many helpful text updates are also included to make learning massage easier than ever.

The E-book edition is scrupulously formatted by hand to preserve the book’s classic beauty.

Read what people say about THE ART OF SENSUAL MASAGE

“Beautifully produced: a book to give, especially if you’d like its techniques used on you.” –Cosmopolitan

“Attractive as well as instructive…tells you what to massage, when and where. Much recommended.”–Ms London

If you want to encourage the man in your life to be more sensual, romantic and inventive…put THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE in his stocking.” –MS London

“Close your eyes, breathe deeply and give yourself up to THE PLEASURE.” –New York

“The massage king is Gordon Inkeles–who wrote “The Art of Sensual Massage.” –San Francisco Chronicle

In a world full of expensive gadgets futilely designed to increase enjoyment of life it is enormously satisfying to realize that you can give so much pleasure just using your hands.

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Arcata Arts publishes the million-seller The Art of Sensual Massage, the world’s best selling massage book. Our line of massage books and videos featuring easy-to-learn techniques make the perfect romantic gifts.

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